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And just like Troy, Lyons is a dreamer developing a taste and a passion for music.The path of Lyons ultimately takes him to prison completing the circle from father to son.Parental guidance requires intentional care for any strong social background and for teaching children as they grow through adolescents.

And just like Troy, Lyons is a dreamer developing a taste and a passion for music.

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Troy Maxson had a tough time growing up in a single parent home.

The lack of a female role model contributes to Troy’s lack of compassion as an adult, forcing Troy to adopt the ideas of his father.

His dream isn’t seen as important because of Troy’s failure in his own dreams and his lack of faith in a sports career in a predominately white influential society.

Cory’s consequences for being dishonest with his father were that he could not play football.

Troy is a man with passion, who wants to lead his family, but Troy lacks the tools to focus his energies into a completely positive atmosphere; this result in Troy’s family displays a unique insight into the life and personality of Troy Maxson.

Troy’s youth is founded in lost and betrayal; his escape into man hood and a fresh beginning is halted by a fifteen-year prison sentence.Harris-Lopez agrees, “How prison shapes Wilson’s male characters is obvious with Troy Maxson” (2). A wild man with vibrant passion, but he fools everyone when he marries the good girl.Imagine being in prison, trapped behind iron gates, and unable to taste freedom’s might! When I found you and Cory and a halfway decent job…I was safe” (qtd. Troy is lost in a world where he isn’t whole as a man until he found his wife and son.Troy is no longer able to hold his young son or be home to raise his family. In many cultures, being the first born son, Lyons is expected to adopt the ideas of his father Troy and follow in his legacy.This act combined with the lack of a childhood would make a man put up some serious walls and become emotionally unattached to the world. Troy is a fighter and develops a new reason to live by playing baseball. The absence of Lyons father due to imprisonment must have caused confusion and a sense of lost in Lyons as well.Troy is letting his thirty-four year old son take responsibility by refusing to enable him.The fact that he helps Lyons out for so long shows that Troy cares for his children.A child without discipline could develop into a child without boundaries who think they can do what they want.Cory Maxson, the middle child, is compared to his father in the play and even though they often butted heads, Cory grows to develop more of Troy’s characteristics than his other two children.This story doesn’t just show a man constantly at fault, it shows a transition through life and tells a story through Troy’s kids.All throughout Troy’s life, he aspires to be somebody, a fighter, a tough guy, also seen through his son Cory.


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