Examples Of Literature Reviews In Nursing

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It’s time to turn that stack of articles and papers and notes into a literature review. …clearly describe the questions that are being asked.

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Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) CASP is a well-known critical appraisal website that has checklists for a wide variety of study types. Understanding Health Research This is a brand-new, interactive resource that guides you through appraising a research paper, highlighting key areas you should consider when appraising evidence. Whilst you don’t need to read this book cover-to-cover, it can be useful to refer to its specific chapters on how to assess different types of research papers. To make a systematic and thorough search for literature, you will need to use some advanced searching techniques. 2-3 A reference manager can help save time in referencing.

This presentation will hopefully act as a prompt to any library session you have attended. Please email or ask at the Library Welcome Desk for more advice.

It is suggested that this introductory section be no longer than two pages in length.

The purpose is to lead your reader further into the body of the literature review.

First, it provides your reader with a means to evaluate the quality of your research.

Second, accurately and correctly citing all the sources used in your work protects you from possible accusations of plagiarism.In applied research, it might describe a phenomenon or theory, then describe how that phenomenon or theory applies to some important real-world situation, and finally suggest a way to test whether it does, in fact, apply to that situation.Looking at the literature review in this way emphasizes a few things.If you would like an introductory guide to literature reviews then I would recommend this short, 2 page article on the stages of conducting a literature review with a worked example: Smith, J. Endnote Basic is available via Web of Science, which can be access through the ' Online databases and academic journals' link via the My Learning section of the Portal.You have discovered, retrieved, evaluated, synthesized, and organized the information you need for your literature review.It also allows others to retrieve the publications you cite.Errors made in authors’ names, journal or article titles, page numbers and dates may present barriers to retrieval of articles and may prevent giving credit to authors for their work.In the introduction, you will: Summarize your literature review, discuss implications, and create a space for future or further research needed in this area.Like the introduction, this section should be around 3-5 pages in length. Can you answer these 11 questions: The reference list of publications used in your literature review serves two purposes.First, it is extremely important to start with an outline of the main points that you want to make, organized in the order that you want to make them.The basic structure of your argument then should be apparent from the outline itself.


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