Example Of Theoretical Framework In Research Proposal

The research on the cognitive development of students has provided an intriguing perspective.

That is, could it be possible that students of different cognitive levels are affected differently by questions at different cognitive levels?

That is, does the cognitive level of questioning have any effect on student achievement?

In effect, this answers the first question identified previously with respect to identification of a theoretical framework.

The doctoral student becomes intrigued by these equivocal findings and begins to speculate about some possible explanations.

In a blinding flash of insight, the student remembers hearing somewhere that an eccentric Frenchman named Piaget said something about students being categorized into levels of cognitive development.If so, an answer to the problem concerning the effectiveness questioning may be at hand.This latter question, in effect, has addressed the second question previously posed about the identification of a theoretical framework.Clearly quantitative research paradigms are couched in a realist perspective and qualitative research paradigms are couched in an idealist perspective (Bogdan & Biklen, ).The discussion here is focused on theoretical frameworks at a much more specific and localized perspective with respect to the justification and conceptualization of a single research investigation. Indeed, the answers to these questions are the substance and culmination of Chapters I and II of the proposal and completed dissertation, or the initial sections preceding the Methods section of a research article.The following story may remind you of an experience you or one of your classmates have had.Doctoral students live in fear of hearing these now famous words from their thesis advisor: “This sounds like a promising study, but what is your theoretical framework?The answers to these questions can come from only one source, a thorough review of the literature (i.e., a review that includes both the theoretical and empirical literature as well as apparent gaps in the literature).Perhaps, a hypothetical situation can best illustrate the development and role of the theoretical framework in the formalization of a dissertation topic or research investigation.The student immediately begins a manual and computer search of the literature on questioning in the classroom.The student notices that the research findings on the effectiveness of questioning strategies are rather equivocal.


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