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The disadvantage is that the flow of the discussion gets interrupted with a lot of statistics, etc.The discussion section is also the place to say anything else you want to say that does not go anywhere else.It is usually divided into subsections such as subjects, materials, and procedure.

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Do not say that ``X found Y'' or ``demonstrated'' if X's conclusions don't follow from X's results.

You can use words like ``X claimed to show that Y'' or ``suggested that'' when you are not sure. Try to avoid expressions like ``Unfortunately, Smith and Jones neglected to examine [precisely what you are examining].'' It might have been unfortunate for them or for the field, but it is fortunate for you, and everyone knows it.

If the problem is one that grows out of past literature, review the history of how it arose.

But do not forget to mention the basic issues behind the research tradition in question, the practical or theoretical concerns that inspired it. In this case, you have probably chosen the wrong topic.) Your literature review should be appropriate to the kind of paper you are writing.

The point of subheadings is that the reader may want to skip this section entirely and return to it later in the paper. It is not a dump of your unanalyzed data, nor merely a report of whether your statistical tests were significant, but somewhere in between.

The subheadings should make it easy to find relevant details. It should contain whatever summary statistics will help readers see for themselves what happened, such as means and standard deviations of various conditions, and raw correlations, when these are relevant.A reader who does not want to read the paper should be able to read the abstract instead.When you write an abstract, remember Strunk & White's admonition, ``Omit needless words.'' Introduction.(Figure captions are on a separate sheet so that the typesetter can set them, but for course papers, this is not necessary.) The text should tell the reader when to look at the figures and tables (``As shown in Figure 1 ...''), and it should point out the important points, but it should not simply repeat in writing what they say.Figures and tables are supposed to go at the end of the paper, but this is for the benefit of the typesetter. Its purpose is to allow the reader to decide whether to read the paper or not. The reader should not have to read any of the rest of the paper in order to understand the abstract fully.They should be labeled consecutively either as Figures or Tables, depending on whether a typesetter could be expected to set them, (yes for tables, no for figures), e.g., Figure 1, Figure 2, Table 1, etc.Each one should have a caption explaining clearly what it is, if possible without relying on anything in the text.You may reflect on the implications of your results, or your methods, or whatever, for other issues that were not the main point of the paper.You can talk about how your project should have been done, and why.


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