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Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. Creating an event planning business plan is important to your business success, and it’s a fun process to go through because it helps you outline what your event business actually looks like — and avoid some mistakes before they happen.

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I am not the person who is going to tell you to sit down for the next 3-12 months to fill out pages and pages of an event planning business plan.

It’s extremely important that you align your personal goals with your business objectives, which means you have to have goals and you need to create a plan in order to see those goals come to fruition.

My , and the website is also, so if you have any trouble finding it on Facebook, you can always go to and then you will find our Facebook icon at the bottom of the homepage.

So this is kind of in order, but not necessarily, so some of these will apply to you and some of them won’t.

Well it’s sort of new, but I’ll get into that more. So I’m going to go back and forth between the live broadcast on the webinar and the live broadcast on Periscope, and I will answer as many questions as I can. Nancy from San Diego, “New here, never did event planning, just coordinate.” Amazing, thanks for joining us. If you are new to us, please make sure that you follow us on Periscope.

I’m happy to stay around and answer them, so if you could just let me know where you’re from, I know a bunch of you are on here and you can all hear me and we said hello and you’re sending hearts on Periscope, which is awesome, let me know where you’re from and also what stage of your business are you at. Blue, Bridgeport, Connecticut, “Brand new, trying to start,” awesome. Dietrich, North Carolina – we’ve got a bunch of North Carolina, from Tennessee, amazing. And if you aren’t on Periscope, that’s totally fine, you can always just check out our Facebook page where I am always have our webinars listed, and there are a number of them there right now that you can register for the coming weeks.In this (previously recorded) Periscope training video, In the comments, let me know your opinion.What is the most important part of an event planning business plan? Note: we love hearing from you, but links to outside posts or videos appear as SPAM and are removed.Tracy, “New to public but have been working over five years.” Oh great, so you’ve been working as an employee with somebody? And if you are on Periscope, please make sure that you join us and follow us there and you will get notifications for as soon as I pop up if you have the notifications set up.Right now, we are doing webinar/Periscope combos for the next few Tuesdays at Eastern time, so mark those times and dates in your calendar depending on when you want to pop in. We are going to start talking about 10 steps to start your event planning business plan, and now that I know – Oh, what is my Facebook page?I know this might seem kind of obvious, but it’s really important to start thinking about the type of events that you want to plan and who your target market is. So you want to start brainstorming what kind of events do you plan, what kind of experience do you already have, what kind of people do you like to work with.If you want to plan weddings, chances are you’re not going to also plan corporate events.We are going to talk today about 10 steps to start an event planning business. Chastity from Dallas, hey Chastity, thanks for being here. Okay, great, so that’s where you’re getting started.So I am going to assume since you are here and you’ve seen the title of it and have now mentioned it, you are interested in starting your event planning business, and this is one of my favorite topics to talk about, so I’m really excited. I’m really excited to have this conversation with you and to also let you know about our new program that just opened today. New Yorker living the coastline life in North Carolina. So Gina’s now designing a business collaboration with an event planner. Joanne has been doing local fundraising for nonprofits, helping to develop their brand. So anyone on Periscope, we are doing a live webinar as well, so I’m going between the two.Gina says, “Okay, I can hear you now.” Awesome, I’m glad you can hear. I think you’ve been on a few times, Monique, have you not? I can’t see your face unfortunately with the webinar, but I’m pretty good with faces. It is a very nice view and it’s surprising because being in Canada, you expect a lot of snow and cold, but we’ve had a very lovely winter this year, and it’s quite nice out. It is a really nice view, and it’s really nice especially when it’s warm and sunny out.If you’re joining us for the first time, the 10 time, welcome and thank you so much for joining me on this webinar and Periscope. Do you have your first client or you’ve got all the pieces in place but you don’t have your first client yet. Norma from California – Norma is in our program called “,” which is going on right now. So this is my downtown view, and I don’t know if you can see it, but I know you can on the webinar, but I don’t think you can actually see the CN Tower, and if I move everything, it’ll mess it all up, so next time on Periscope, I’ll more of a 360 view for you, and you can get a better view of what I look at every day, so thank you. Monique has done some volunteer work with the Marine Corps.


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