Euthanasia Issues Essay

Therefore, for the purpose of this chapter, the term “euthanasia” will refer to “active voluntary euthanasia”.So-called “passive euthanasia” will not be included here in the term “euthanasia” even though one can repeatedly find such references in literature – fortunately less and less often.

Despite the fact that in some current debates taking place under the term “euthanasia”, “assisted suicide” is discussed, “euthanasia” in this chapter is semantically understood not as a notion common for both “euthanasia” and “assisted suicide”.

The term “euthanasia” within this chapter means that one person brings about the death of another person because the first person believes that the life of the second person, who has asked for euthanasia, is so miserable that it would be better for him/her to be dead.

It is obvious that the decisions in clinical medicine- both in palliative and intensive care- encompass a much broader spectrum than just the issue of euthanasia (Battin et al., 2007; Kinzbrunner & Policzer, 2010; Wanzer & Glenmullen, 2007; Wennberg, 1989).

As such, if two people are discussing whether ‘euthanasia’ should be legalized or criminalized and by the same word they understand two quite different things, their discussion will be fruitless and meaningless; they will be addressing each other without being able to reach any common ground, instead developing two distinct monologues.

Within these debates, euthanasia is often replaced by “(physician-)assisted dying” (Quill & Battin, 2004; Young, 2007), or extended to an “assisted death” (Lewis, 2007; Lewy, 2011), a broad term under which both euthanasia and assisted suicide are subsumed.

The general term “assisted death” is not understood as euthanasia in the sense used both by legislation in the countries in which euthanasia has been legalized and by its debaters who use this quite precise notion of euthanasia.The last condition is not often mentioned in the argumentations Since euthanasia in the countries where it has been decriminalized is administered by members of the medical profession, the participation of a physician in euthanasia is a relevant circumstance.The second condition introduced (competence) means that the term euthanasia is understood to refer to so-called “voluntary euthanasia”, i.e.Thus most essays on this topic essentially become persuasive essays.The Issues People on both sides of this issue have very strong feelings. S., we have a federal law against euthanasia, but it is defined as taking the life of another person for reasons of perceived defect.If euthanasia is defined in the above mentioned sense, then there is no point talking about “passive euthanasia”.We should not mix “killing” (an active action) with “allowing to die” (the deliberate lack of application of treatment that would only increase suffering and prolong dying, but not involving administration of drugs which causes termination of life).More precisely, , having an enduring, voluntary and competent wish to die, has expressed repeatedly this wish; (c) the act of euthanasia is performed by a physician.The last condition is naturally not a necessary condition – euthanasia can be conducted by anyone – however the fact that a physician is conducting euthanasia is of relevance as far as the medical profession is involved in the administration of euthanasia.You may want to research the arguments for and against in those state debates, in order to help you form an opinion.If the topic is one with which you struggle, or if you are just out of time with an essay due, you can always say, “Write my essay” to the pros at Urgent Essay


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