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The government usually spends a lot of money caring for the terminally ill and those with incurable diseases.It is therefore advantageous for those who have been declared physically and mentally incurable to be allowed to die.According to Savage (330), Mike Ervin a journalist with muscle dystrophy argued that although he requires 24 hour care every day, he is still a functioning member of society.

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Voluntary euthanasia is referred to as mercy killing by consent while involuntary occurs without the consent of the patient (Griffith and Tengnah. Under law, voluntary euthanasia is usually acceptable under certain conditions however this does not speak to the ethical nature of the act.

Under close investigation, it can be proven that the act is highly unethical regardless of the type.

However, it is impossible to say for certain that these patients actually feel pain and the degree of pain these patients feel.

Mercy killing under this situation cannot be justified in any way.

Mercy killing does not focus on the future but rather on the present and mainly the past.

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How can something be termed as right if it negates the possibility for others to receive better treatment in the future?The future is built upon hope for better thing and mercy killing is in a form, the abandonment of hope.Mercy killing goes against all the principles of sustainability and as such should be done away with.While the patient may be able to provide the consent, the reasons behind it are questionable as they not only relate on their level of suffering or pain.Patients who are in comas may also be subject to mercy killing with the validation that they are in pain.Some of these patients may be under pressure from their caretakers to end their lives.The pressure may be in the form of guilt whereby the patient feels that by committing suicide he or she may alleviate the suffering they are imposing on their love ones (Gill and Voss, 8).If mercy killings for those who are terminally ill or with incurable diseases are allowed, who will stop the elimination of the old, mentally ill or criminally insane?Society has a lot of individuals who can be termed as socially unfit hence a liability to the society.The act therefore may be not exclusively the wishes of the patient.Mercy killing opens pathways with which unscrupulous relatives and caregivers may put undue pressure on the patient to engage in the act.


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