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Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture In my opinion Carol Padden is one of the greatest writers on Deaf culture. When the Mind Hears: A History of the Deaf As a history buff, I am convinced that a person cannot truly understand another culture and people without learning of their history. Most of Deaf culture traits, tendencies, sensitivities, and growth stems from its history. American Deaf Culture: An Anthology A collection of not just research, but entertaining stories from the Deaf perspective.

Book number 2 on my list, Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture, is a relatively small book that contains historical and current issues in regards to our culture, ASL, and community. Teach Me to Love Myself While this isn’t a book on Deaf culture (at all), Holly Elliott was the first Deaf therapist and her perspective on being a pioneer in her profession is worth reading. While this book may be quite large and a heavy read, it is a “have to” for those truly wanting to understand. Highly recommended by Deaf readers – not just another ASL 101 study on Deaf culture. Seeing Voices I’ll admit, I haven’t read this one yet.

Those same returning soldiers would displace many Deaf workers in factories, just as women and others who had served the war effort from home lost their jobs.

Newspapers, magazines, and television brought news and with it awareness of the disparity of income and rights.

Lessons in Laughter: An Autobiography of a Deaf Actor I absolutely hate (repeat for emphasis) HATE, the review by Amazon on this book. To succeed as a deaf actor is nothing short of amazing.” Like it’s some crazy thing for a Deaf person to be good at visual communication and performance…uh, yeah.

Anyways, off topic a bit, but this is about the man who grew up in the Deaf world and founded The National Theatre of the Deaf. Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood Definitely a must read if you are 1) new to the Deaf world and 2) an academic.” or “Do all deaf people benefit from hearing aids?” or “Why do Deaf people always hang around after a play (or any other event) and stand together and talk?I’m no expert – just pulling together the books I’ve come across and loved. Talking Hands: What Sign Language Reveals about the Mind You know me and international Deaf…well, anything, really. A modern day Martha’s Vineyard, this book is on a Bedouin village in Israel with a high rate of deafness.No particular order, just a small summary on each (and about a million hours worth of copy-and-pasting links to Amazon for you so you can buy them – you’re welcome). Both hearing and Deaf villagers knew their unique sign language.The civil rights movement of the 1960s used marches, sit-ins, and protests as tools for change, and it inspired many minority groups, including the Deaf community, to press for greater self-determination and economic opportunity.As many Americans came to accept greater cultural diversity, deaf people began to explore more openly their cultural-linguistic identity and assert their right to access information.😉 Just bookmark it so you know what to read the next time you get the itch to read. : The 1988 Revolution at Gallaudet University For any ASL student out there who realized that Switched at Birth’s version of the Deaf President Now! (Shocking, I know…) Full of pictures and easy to read – get “the rest of the story”. Margalit Fox relates the significance of this village: mankind have an inborn capacity to create language, something she labels the “language instinct.” Author: Margalit Fox [LINK: The Life Cycle of an ASL Student] 31. Through Deaf Eyes: A Photographic History of an American Community If you ended up on this website by mistake and don’t like reading, this is the book for you. Curators at the Smithsonian put together a display on Deaf history in 2001 that drew in over 400,000 viewers.What books should you buy about Deaf culture and community? A Deaf Adult Speaks Out An easy read to understand Deaf perspective in a hearing world and the values of the Deaf world. This is the capsule of information and photographs from this presentation. Gannon, and Jean Lindquist Bergey Angels and Outcasts: An Anthology of Deaf Characters in Literature where they showed how Deaf were perceived in 19th and 20th century literature.Signing the Body Poetic: Essays on American Sign Language Literature I read this book while taking Deaf Poetry at Brigham Young University. “Some people said, how could a deaf president be a good recruiter for students? How would a deaf person be able to communicate well?


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