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Working out at the gym is everyones business from education to big companies.In the US, schools have introduced physical activities such as weight training in their daily program.He couldn’t speak for months because of his injuries.

From year 1990 to 2007 data collected shows us that nearly one million Americans end up at emergency section in the hospital due to weight lifting injuries and that a yearly increase of 48 percents were noticed in that period.Western Europe such as Germany and England shows the same trend with a business estimated of billion per year.The common age group found in gym in the US are 35-54 years with a percentage of 36.5%, 18-34 years with a percentage of 31%, 55 and above years with a percentage of 22.5%, 12-17 years with a percentage of 6% and 6-11 years with a percentage of 4%. Physical activity in gym helps promote physical fitness for our body that is increase in cardiovascular endurance which strengthen the muscle of the heart and blood vessels when using treadmill and bicycle, promote bone density and makes then more solid as the weight put stress on the bones which in response increase their density to make them more solid and so prevent diseases such as osteoporosis (Osteoporosis happens when the bones decrease in mass making it more fragile), increased muscle mass not only increase our strength but also makes us burn more calories as lean muscle mass fires up our metabolism during work out and even after as the body needs energy to maintain this new muscle mass (Shawn Le Brun, 2002; Yigal Pinchas, 2006).According to The American Journal of Sports Medicine, of the 970,000 people injured, 82 percent were men but this trend is changing, number of injuries among women doing weight training is on the rise yearly with 63 percent as opposed to men which is 46 percent.This may be due to the increase of women adopting gym training in their lifestyle.Manual handling of loads is describe as the action of lifting, pulling & pushing, moving, lowering, holding and carrying any objects using the force generated from the human body.As seen above, weight training injury takes a lot of time to heal up, leading to temporary impairment and sometimes permanent disabilities if the injury is severe.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.The gym population comprises of everyone from children, adolescents, adults to seniors.These groups of people have different goals for training in gym from trying to keep fit and control body weight to conditioning the body to perform at its highest level in competition so it is not uncommon to see professional sports men to workout at the gym at the same time with people doing rehabilitation exercises.


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