Essays On Treasure Island

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Long John Silver ruined their friendship when he took Jim hostage in order to obtain the treasure map.

Pirates are constantly characterized as criminals who roamed the sea looking for any possible way to strike it rich.

This portrays the uncaring image displayed by pirates.

Long John Silver and Jim had built a relationship based on trust.

Silver wore a hat and had long dark hair and a rough looking beard to add to his pirate image.

Clothes were important to pirates because they wanted to be feared and having a fearful image fit their lifestyles (Rogozinski 243).

The crew usually served it to a captain or another member of the crew that had betrayed them in some way (Rogozinski 89).

They did not want to be bossed around by anyone; they wanted to follow no rules at all.

He is known as a ruthless man and a criminal, but because of his ability to persuade, he gains Squire Trelawney and Jim s trust (Stevenson 109).

Silver owns a seafood restaurant in which Squire Trelawney often attends.


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