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His argument was that scientific knowledge could not be proved and thus he made a decision to seek real knowledge.His mother, Phaenarete, was a midwife and thus Socrates, claimed to have taken after his mother by helping boys bear thoughts (Taylor 19) through philosophy.

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With lists of suggested further readings, an extensive bibliography on recent Socratic research, and an index locorum, this unique and much-needed anthology makes the study of Socratic philosophy accessible to both scholars and non-specialists. Stokes (Edd.): Socratic Questions: New Essays on the Philosophy of Socrates and its Significance.

The Philosopher, Socrates was a Greek and he was born in the proximities of 470 B. In addition to the carving skills, Socrates studied astronomy and geometry formally.

Some questions need not clean answers, but answers that give a general understanding of possibilities.

Through knowledge, people can achieve an understanding.

Although Socrates himself never claimed to have any answers to the questions he raised, his views and methods of philosophy became the foundations of what philosophy is today.

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Socrates actually wrote nothing, because he felt that knowledge was something to be gained by living and interacting in the world.One of the reasons why Socrates was arrested was Socrates believed that reason or nature could not tell us why the world is the way it appears.The Sophists' point of view is best summed up as this: we can never step out of the way things appear.In Socrates speech in defense for himself he states that he knows he is wise because he can admit that he is ignorant.Socrates claims that because he is ignorant of life after death, he has no aversion to death.Socrates represents the enlightenment attitude about the good life.He believed that the good life is the life of ethical virtue and that living this life involves the exercise of a certain expertise or wisdom about ethical ideas.So most of what we do know about Socrates comes from the writings of another very important Generally, the conversation usually continued of a series of manipulations ending with the question unanswered.However, it seems Socrates never really searched for an answer, simply an understanding.The last two decades have witnessed a virtual explosion of research in Socratic philosophy. This volume collects essays that represent the range and diversity of that vast literature, including historical and philosophical essays devoted to a single Platonic dialogue, as well as essays devoted to the Socratic method, Socratic epistemology, and Socratic ethics.


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