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One of the primary methods of escape for runaways was the infamous Underground Railroad, a secret network of blacks and whites that illegally helped fugitive slaves reach safety in the North or Canada.The network, also referred to as the "Liberty Line," used railroad terms to describe its operations.

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They were finally stopped on their way to Jerusalem, the county seat, where they had hoped to gain additional support and replenish their ammunition.

Thirteen slaves and three free blacks were hanged, but Turner was not captured until two months later, less than five miles from where the raid had begun. Gray, a lawyer and plantation owner assigned as Turner's defense counsel, interviewed Turner during his trial and later published The Confessions of Nat Turner, a pamphlet containing the story of Turner's rebellion from his own point of view.

As the time for the revolt drew near, two of the slaves warned authorities of the plot.

As a result, Prosser and 35 other slaves were executed, and the Prosser conspiracy gained national attention.

His corpse was skinned and his flesh was used for grease.

Turner's revolt led to harsh laws throughout the South, further restricting the limited freedom of blacks.

This attitude, which was common among slaveholders and those tasked with recording our nation's history, perpetuated the belief that slaves were generally passive and complacent and had no real reason or desire to rebel or to run away, a concept that more recent research has proven to be blatantly false.

history books still contend that enslaved Africans were generally resigned to their fate and that slave revolts were rare and unusual occurrences.

It also spurred blacks and abolitionists into action and increased tensions between the North and South.

Runaway Slaves Instead of engaging in organized revolt, many slaves ran away in order to escape the bondage of slavery.


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