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But putting the marking to one side for a moment, there are some clear and worrying gaps in this plan.

And the simple fact is that, as it stands, the nation’s children are being let down.

The Prime Minister and Health Secretary talked of a “game-changing” strategy and recognised children’s obesity as “a national emergency”. First to Christmas 2015, and then past January and into the New Year.

In the meantime, we made the case for concerted action on obesity and cancer.

Today, many young people are receiving their A-Level results.

But today also marks the long-awaited publication of the Government’s plan of action to reduce the staggeringly high levels of children’s obesity across the UK.

But a levy is one measure and that doesn’t make a strategy, particularly when it’s so clear the best way to reduce children’s obesity is to tackle it from all sides.

As Sir Harpal Kumar, our chief executive, puts it: Since the last General Election, the Government has championed the need for a comprehensive and robust strategy to tackle the growing obesity crisis, particularly for children. The sugar levy alone isn’t enough to ensure children live long and healthy lives.

Public Health England’s independent review of the evidence – which the Government said would inform its plans to tackle children’s obesity – backs this up, stating: “Available research evidence shows that all forms of marketing consistently influence food preference, choice and purchasing in children.” Thousands of our campaigners are worried about junk food marketing – which is why they’ve put so much time and effort into pushing the Government to tackle it as part of our Junk Free TV campaign.

There is also widespread public support – with three-quarters of adults supporting a ban on junk food advertising before the 9pm watershed.


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