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This dream is not only about the concentration camps that the Japanese-Canadians were forced to live in, which is the stimulus for many of her dreams.It is also about letting go of her Uncle, both if which make her feel powerless. Kogawa writes,'We move without question or reference in an interminable unknowing without rules, without direction. But at some subtle hour, the white mist is known to be grey, and the endlessness of labour has entered our limbs' (34).

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On her way to school, a kitten thrown in a cesspool, and she saw Japanese schoolboys tortured a chickren were images of aimless.

These metaphors described Naomi's silent pain: the trust, the fascination, the helpless, and the wearisome.

Because of the war, Naomi's mother went to Japan for a visit and were trapped there by the outbreak.

Naomi's family in Canada was scattered by governmental fiat.

They can show how a person truly feels about something or someone without guilt, kindness, or any other emotions clouding up the true feelings.

The subconscious is not concerned with sparing peoples feelings.

Her father, uncle and her grandparents were vanished from her life. Because she was separated from her parents at an earlier age, she was sexual abuse. Love is something that every Naomi's innocence was ruined and violated into silence by the internment and the lost of family.

In the novel, there were some metaphors related to young animals and things.

Because of the fact that the metaphoric language implicitly compares Kogawa's feelings and emotions to an improbable situation, Kogawa helps her reader to profoundly understand a past that he or she has never experienced, making it possible for her readers to be farther involved in her past.

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