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Primatologists such as Jane Goodall and Frans de Waal, however, continue to clarify why the lines dividing human from non-human aren't as distinct as we might think.As a biological anthropologist, I never liked drawing sharp distinctions between human and non-human.Such boundaries make little evolutionary sense, as they ignore or grossly underestimate what we humans have in common with our ancestors and other primates.Homo sapiens do not have blue noticeable eyes but they are believed to have these genes that lead to blue eyes in them.In the past it was believed that the Neanderthals were not intelligent enough.Homo sapiens had a brain structure that was wired in a different way from that of the Neanderthals.Another noticeable feature was that of the blue eyes.Preparing a twig to fish for termites may seem comparable to preparing a stone to produce a sharp flake—but landing on the moon and being able to return to tell the story is truly out of this non-human world.Humans are the sole hominin species in existence today.They also made musical instruments and weapons that they used for hunting. Written by the educator who created What Makes Us Human?


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