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If marijuana would be legalized, patients would come in the benefit of a treatment with marijuana and pharmacy companies would do more research about marijuana, which could lead to even more uses.

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“No death from marijuana overdose has ever been reported and the ill effects of alcohol, nicotine, and prescription painkillers (...) vastly overweight those of marijuana” ( Ingraham, Janet. Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana--Medical, Recreational, and Scientific”).

Research has also shown that marijuana “ use does not lead to physical dependence, and there are no withdrawal symptoms when the drug is not discontinued” (“drug use” Britannica School. Marijuana consume can also bring certain “medical benefits to people suffering from certain medical conditions”.

Some states like Colorado and Washington went further and legalized the sale and consumption of small amounts of weed. There are several reasons why marijuana shouldn’t be legalized.

First of all, the consumption rate will If marijuana would be legalized, the amount of accidents caused by divers under drug influence would further increase.

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This in comparison has been proven to be in the same mild intoxicant category as marijuana.

Marijuana, otherwise known as weed, Kush, ganja, and Chronic, is a plant that may allow some people to become more relaxed when stressed out.

There are many reasons recreational marijuana should be legalized.

Marijuana is the safest of any drug used in the world. It was often used freely back in the day, throughout the 1960’s and some of the 1970’s.


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