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I guess we’re somewhere on the line between completely bizarre and totally normal.In our society, we’re not really raised to think that we’ll live with our siblings and parents as adults, although in a lot of cultures, that’s exactly what happens.After about ten months, we said, “This is crazy.” Everybody wanted to be with the baby, which meant we needed to live in the same place.

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I never could’ve predicted that this would be my path; while my feelings about motherhood are steadfast, my thoughts on our arrangement depend on the day.

Sometimes it feels pretty ideal—because I have so many hands on deck, I get to have a mom’s night out or work in the evenings and not scramble for a babysitter.

When we were in our mid-30s, I was single and Chris was already with Curt.

But we all wanted a child, which led to a plan: Chris and I would make a baby together.

Amazingly, it wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable—probably because we’d known each other so long.

And it didn’t hurt that Curt has a fabulous eye for decoration.

If you want to be as happy as the folks below, we’d encourage you to see it for what it can be: a marvelous, occasionally messy collection of partners, parents, exes, siblings, babies, and best friends—all bonded by that most powerful glue..

I LIVE IN MANHATTAN with two men—neither is my husband. One is my best friend, Chris, whom I’ve known since we were 12, and the other is his partner, Curt; they’ve been together for three decades.

That’s how we got our son, Luca, who was born in Ethiopia.

Now five of us live in the same happy, chaotic three-bedroom apartment.


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