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(Management Study Guide, n.d.) Starbucks follows very strict discipline structure.

According to Starbucks policies employees are not allowed to – Make unwelcome remarks, gestures or physical contacts The display of offensive, derogatory or sexually explicit pictures through email or any other mean Offensive or derogatory jokes or comments Verbal or physical abuse or threats Treat each other as a family Follow orders given my superiors Never harass or discriminate customers (Starbucks, 2010) If any of this is found then superiors are allowed to take strict actions against their sub-ordinates.

(Abraham and Jonathan, 2008) Initiative – Employees should be given enough space and freedom to create and carry out plans.

Management should give opportunity to its employees to give ideas, experience and new method of work.

Remuneration policy should be able to accord both employer and employee.

(Cite HR, 2008) Starbucks follows a fair and competitive wage plan.

(Anon., n.d.) According to Starbucks management system, every Starbucks store has 16 employees which include 1 store manager, 1 assistant manager and 16 partners.

Store manager is appointed to look after his support staff, assistant manager is hired to look after staff when store manager is not present and rest of the staff is assigned to make coffees and serve other food and beverages.

(Mind Tools, n.d.) Starbucks organises a region level once in every year when all the managers of different regions are called at their respective region head offices.

There they are encouraged to provide feedback, ideas, new method of working etc.


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