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We shall be in a better position to understand the institution of the family in Islam if we start by a brief statement about the Islamic approach to life, religion and culture.Islam affirms the Unity of God and His indivisible sovereignty over the Universe.

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This will include the contemporary man to identify the nature of the crisis that confronts him today and will also point to some of the possibilities that are still open to him.

I would like to discuss in the following pages the concept of family life in Islam, its foundations, structure and principles.

Both were held responsible for the act, both repented their transgression and both were forgiven. (f) The dangers of misuse of freedom continue to confront man throughout his career on the earth. To safeguard man against this, Divine Guidance is to be provided.

They entered the world without any stigma of original sin on their soul. The trial of Adam and Eve reveals, on the one hand, the essential goodness of their nature and on the other, their susceptibility to error. (g) Man has not been totally protected against error.

But immediately after sinning they repented their mistake, sought God's forgiveness and were forgiven.

It was after they were forgiven and redeemed that they were sent down to the earth to play their role as vicegerents of God.By: Khurshid Ahmad Preface 3 I The Islamic Approach to Life: The Foundations 4 ~ (1) Tawhid: The Oneness of God ~ (2) Man's Vicegerency ~ (3) A Complete Way of Life ~ (4) Faith As the Basis of Society II The Family in Islam: Basic Principles 10 ~ (1) Divinely-Inspired Institution ~ (2) The Social Contract ~ (3) Faith and the Family ~ (4) Marriage ~ (5) Equality of the Sexes III The Family in Islam: Its Objectives and Functions 13 ~ (1) Preservation and Continuation of the Human Race ~ (2) Protection of Morals ~ (3) Psycho-Emotional Stability, Love and Kindness ~ (4) Socialisation and Value-Orientation ~ (5) Social and Economic Security ~ (6) Widening the Family Horizons and Producing Social Cohesion in Society ~ (7) Motivation for Effort and Sacrifice IV The Family in Islam: Structure, Principles and Rules 21 ~ (1) Marriage and Divorce ~ (2) The Way Marriage is Contracted ~ (3) The Structure of a Muslim Family ~ (4) The Position of Man and Woman ~ (5) The Family and Society Notes 28 Appendix 37 Review from The Times, London ~ - - - - - © Khurshid Ahmad 1974 Second edition 1979/1399 A. The family, as a basic and most sensitive institution of culture, is being undermined by powerful and destructive forces.|! | All the symptoms suggest that the crisis in general is deepening and the institution of the family is, in particular, weakening, even disintegrating in Europe and America.|! | It is time to pause for a while and re-examine the foundations on which family life is built in the contemporary west and also to study alternative foundations and structures in other cultural traditions. LE2 IZE ~ United Kingdom ~ Tel: (0533) 700725 Quran House, ~ P. My grateful thanks are due to Father Bernard Chamberlain who persuaded me to write the talk and to Dr. It seems as if the very foundations of contemporary society are being threatened from within and without.The theory of vicegerency affirms that God's creation is deliberate amid not fortuitous. Everything else in the creation has been harnessed to his service.His career on the earth begins with the consciousness of a mission, not through gropings in darkness. ~ Printed-by: ~ Superprint Graphics (Glasgow) Ltd., I. The original inspiration for this essay came from a recent conference. Phillips who read an earlier manuscript and extended a number of suggestions to improve it. The responsibility for mistakes or lapses is, however, exclusively mine. An effort is made in this small book to explain the Islamic concept of marriage and the family. Buckmaster for reviewing the manuscript for this second edition.Then they were put to a test end were asked not to approach a certain tree.They fell victim to the evil persuasions of Satan and committed sin.They were promised Divine Guidance and were assured that those who fo IIowed that Guidance would be successful.Adam was the first man to receive this guidance and convey it to his progeny.


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