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(Dallaire - 188) Still every peacekeeping soldier has to deal with the actual killing of other human beings, which can create "the most heinous of consequences on your mind, soul, moral fibre and humanity." (Dallaire - 186) Dallaire's heinous experience in the case of a child soldier: Both forces of government troops and rebel groups had been subjecting the inhabitants of a small village to stealing, kidnapping, raping, mutilating and killing, however the villagers, who had lived in that area for decades, did not want to move.

The United Nations peacekeeping commander sent twelve blue helmeted soldieries to offer some protection.

The UN can only act according to the mandates of its membership. In 1989 the UN passed The Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Graca Machel prepared and presented her report "The Impact of Armed Conflict on Children" to the UN General Assembly in 1996.

The enlistment of children: (1) Children are easy to enlist because: (a) They don't have an ideology or firm goals, and they can readily be coerced by propaganda and drugs and are easily indoctrinated.

They are apt to quickly transfer loyalty to an adult, especially a superior with the power to reward or punish.

Children are the ultimate expendable frontline weapon.

Peacekeeping goals: Through the centuries many societies have articulated through laws, religions and philosophies that all human beings are equal in species and evolution.

Can't we drop the thought of "them" versus "us" and find ways to be friends, friends who see the needs of others and strive to fulfill those needs?

Public action can eliminate the practice of employing child soldiers: (1) Ensure that your priorities are known to your government and are passed on to other agencies such as the UN.


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