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“The self-esteem is the part of you self-concept that determines your self-worth” (Campbell & Martinez-Perez, 1977, pp. Websters dictionary define self-esteem as “a confidence and satisfaction in oneself” (“Self-esteem,” 2010).

Many leaders have low self-esteem due to many reasons. You cannot compare yourself to another leader because their motives and objective are usually different than your own.

Attitude is a mental position relative to a way of thinking or being; a leaning toward that which you believe (Purkey, 1988).

A positive attitude is the inclination to generally be in an optimistic state of mind.

A positive mind set gives the leader the ambition and drive to accomplish the goals your organization as given you. Some may be bigger and more advanced than others but every leader has a goal.

To accomplish these goals, a leader must “focus on putting their life out there and risking it for success” (Campbell & Martinez-Perez, 1977, pp. To have a positive way of thinking you must have healthy self-esteem or self confidence.

This is neither good nor bad, just depending on the situation.

When you receive support and encouragement from significant people than that is when you start to appreciate yourself (Campbell & Martinez-Perez, 1977, pp. You may be thinking “no one ever appreciates you,” however, may be you should be the first to complement others. The author believes everyone is created for a special reason.


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