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The increasing popularity of highly mobile devices like smart phones, notebooks, and laptop computers also contributed to the boost of Internet usage.

Siegler (22) reported that the Internet has arguably not only grown in its popularity but it has also become a necessity in the lives of many people who use it.

Morley (15) notes that this network allowed its users to listen to latest music and find out about the new bands and events besides promoting creativity through unique profiles and sharing of videos.

The study indicated that the social network had over 100 million music plays with an excess to 5.5 billion songs to listen to.

Introduction According to Siegler (24), the invention of the Internet is probably one of the greatest inventions of man which can be considered ad important as the invention of fire.

He notes that since its invention in early 1990s, the Internet has continued to evolve with numerous exciting applications being added almost daily to the already existing uses of the Internet.

Interestingly, much of the media either exists or is related to the Internet and the online world.

Siegler confirms in his statement that “the Internet is part of our everyday life” (19).

The site started as a tool to connect college students but it has since become the de facto social network in the English speaking world.

Nowadays the number of adults signing up to Facebook is much bigger than the original target of college community.


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