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Our researchers work hard in data collection process to create valued assignments for students.We collaborate selflessly and wholeheartedly with our clientele to garner lasting relationships.For the past 15 years, literary-agent-turned-crusader-of-human-progress John Brockman has been a remarkable curator of curiosity, long before either "curator" or "curiosity" was a frivolously tossed around buzzword.

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Our professionals assure top quality assignments at rapid speed to save your time.The basic understanding that the human mind is a remarkably complex processor of information, an 'organ of extreme perfection and complication,' to use Darwin's phrase, has not made it into the mainstream of intellectual life.Stanford social psychologist Philip Zimbardo, best-known for the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment and most recently a founder of the Heroic Imagination Project, drew on his seminal work exploring good and evil in "You Can't Be a Sweet Cucumber in a Vinegar Barrel" (2005): When you put that set of horrendous work conditions and external factors together, it creates an evil barrel.Brockman writes in the book's introduction: While there's no doubt about the value of online presentations, the role of books, whether bound and printed or presented electronically, is still an invaluable way to present important ideas. There will likely be a pharmacology of pleasure, and there may be a pharmacology of positive emotion generally, but it's unlikely there'll be an interesting pharmacology of flow.Thus, we are pleased to be able to offer this series of books to the public....knowing what your highest straights are and deploying those in the service of something you believe in is larger than you are. And it's impossible that there'll be a pharmacology of meaning.[I]t might seem obvious to you that contractual societies are good, modern, creative, and free, whereas beehive societies reek of feudalism, fascism, and patriarchy.We could say that babies learn, but we didn't know how.Harvard's Steven Pinker, whose illuminating insights on violence and human nature you might recall and who penned one of our 5 favorite books on language, wrote in "Organs of Computation" (1997), long before the hype of contemporary quasi-sciences like neuromarketing: Most of the assumptions about the mind that underlie current discussions are many decades out of date.It is a kaleidoscopic overview in the period 2000-2019, selected and curated by a team of the PRIMO Europe network.This collection is published for governors, managers, advisors, scientists, teachers and students, It contains essays on the cutting edge of corporate and public governance.We've known for a long time that human children are the best learning machines in the universe, but it has always been like the mystery of the hummingbirds.We know that they fly, but we don't know how they can possibly do it.


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