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Diversity Awareness This program is means to assist people to comprehend the benefits of working with a diverse organization.At the core of Accenture’s endeavors is hearing out its workforce and encouraging them to comprehend and revel in their dissimilarities.Organizations that embrace and implement diversity have better performances in the market.

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Diversity Management at Accenture Accenture have a staunch and resolute dedication to diversity with the objective that each and every one of its workforce has a complete sense of belonging within the company.

As a business necessity, each individual at Accenture has the culpability to create and maintain an environment that is inclusive.

The most recent Getting to Equal research undertaken by Accenture demonstrates that generating an organizational culture of equality unravels women’s potential and reveals the fundamental drivers of a workplace culture where each and every individual can progress and prosper.

Findings from the report show that in organizations with a culture of equality, a woman is likely to rise four times more and a man is likely to rise two times more. Retrieved 24 July, 2018 from: https:// Diversity Workplace religio Annotated Bibliography Borstorff, P., Arlington, K. The Perils of Religious Accommodation: Employees' Perceptions.

Based on the company’s website, in the 2017 financial year, Accenture added more than 1,800 personnel hailing from diverse background, a significant increase from 1,000 employees the previous financial year.

The company also increased the number of women in the labor force by 1 percentage to 37 percent, making advancement towards the objective of at least 40 percent women in the workforce by 2020.

Furthermore, the company employed 750 veterans and military spouses, which saw the company go beyond its halfway mark in the objective of employing 5,000 of them by 2020.

What is more, roughly 2,300 individuals who have identified themselves as being persons with disabilities signify approximately 4.5 percent of the labor force (Accenture, 2018).

Taking this into consideration, the company’s extensive level of diversity makes Accenture stronger, in terms of being more inventive, more competitive and more resourceful, which is beneficial in rendering better service to their consumers and communities (Accenture, 2018).

I believe that Accenture is managing diversity well as a result of its associated statistics and data.


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