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But the longer the hole persists, the greater the likelihood that the ozone layer is dominated by natural factors, not human CFC emissions. Steve Goreham is Executive Director of the Climate Science Coalition of America and author of the book The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism: Mankind and Climate Change Mania.

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The Protocol has been praised as an example to follow for elimination of greenhouse gas emissions in the fight to halt global warming.

But despite the elimination of CFCs, the Ozone Hole remains as large as ever.

If a global effort is not made to end the unnecessary use of CFCs, the inhabitants of this planet face an extremely difficult and frightening future. They were the product of an intensive search by engineers with the G. Research Corporation to find a safe, non-toxic, non-flammable refrigerant. “From eight aerosol-related companies in the late forties, the industry grew to more than one hundred just a few years later” (Cagin and Dray 87).

Frigidaire patented the formula for CFCs in 1928 and the “new wonder gas” was named Freon. [with the] combination of safety, cleanliness, and efficiency . CFCs were soon making the lives of millions of Americans much more comfortable.

The hole remains large, despite the fact that world ODS consumption all but disappeared about a decade ago.

Scientists are mixed on when the stubborn Ozone Hole will disappear.

Chlorine then reacts as a catalyst to break down ozone molecules into oxygen, reducing the ozone concentration.

The more CFCs used, the greater the destruction of the ozone layer, according to the theory.

In 1983, three researchers from the British Antarctic Survey discovered at thinning of the ozone layer over Antarctica, which became known as the Ozone Hole.

Their observations appeared to confirm the theory of Molina and Roland.


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