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This editing technique when the remarks of different narrators are overlapping and one speaker starts the idea while his follower continues it demonstrates the integrity of the plot and all its elements.

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Kuleshov and his followers believed that with the advances in the sphere of editing techniques, the importance of traditional acting skills had decreased significantly (Giannetti, 2010).

The storytelling techniques which were used in put the main emphasis upon editing of separate episodes into a whole, combining flashbacks for the purpose of producing the desired effect upon spectators and enhancing their understanding of the authors’ messages which have been encoded not only in the development of the plot lines but also the manner of presentation of the material.

Thus, the montage of unfinished remarks of different speakers or the episodes at the same location is used for not only tell a story of Kane’s spiritual degradation but also demonstrate the audience how complex and controversial depiction of one individual can be.

The original techniques of collecting the jigsaw puzzle from the evidence given by different narrators, combination of flashbacks and quick succession of utterances of different speakers were implemented for creating a more realistic feeling in the scenes of the film.

The complexity of man is shown in that no matter how public one's life is, or no matter how many people knew that man, the root of his actions and the motivation of his life decisions may never be known...

is a 1941 drama film directed by Orson Welles and praised for its innovative sound and editing methods.

However, the same technique was also used by Welles for producing different effects, such as showing the growing tension between Kane and his wife through editing the quick succession of the episodes from their breakfast quarrels.

As opposed to the traditional mode according to which one character completes an utterance before the following one starts his/her remark, Welles does not allow the characters of Citizen Kane to express their thoughts till the end, interrupting then with the remarks or questions of the following speaker.

It was his aesthetic sense, professional skills and talent that allowed mixing the contradicting segments for producing a particular effect on the audience and achieving certain goals.

The film under consideration demonstrates that editing and other filmmaking techniques can be even more significant than the main actors’ play.


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