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However, Alexander was much more than just the inventor of the telephone. His family was the leading authorities in elocution and speech correction.He had improved and carried on his families business, along with his brothers.

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However, until the early 19th century, this subject was not well quantified; instead, textbooks were comprised of endless tables and figures demonstrating phenomena.

When Daniel Bernoulli, Claude Navier and George Stokes introduced mathematics to the realm of fluid flow, new research was possible, but this work was highly theoretical and required extensive use of differential equations (Eckert 15)....

[tags: Biography ] - Christopher Columbus was not trying to prove that the earth was round. He was trying to find an alternative way to India for trade.

He planned to sail across the Atlantic from Europe to Asia, but the world was bigger than Columbus thought.

Alexander had created the phone at an early age among inventors- only 29.

Later in his career Bell has worked on a variety of inventions and all inventions have become successful....[tags: Biography] - Adolf Hitler is known to be the reason behind the Holocaust.Hitler was a conniving and devious dictator who took the lives of thousand of people because he believed that people who were not Aryans were not superior to those who were.A New Jersey promoter by the name of Jimmy Colotto gave him this nickname when he saw him box and it has stuck with him ever since (Company).He won 21 matches in his career and overcame immense racial prejudice to achieve his life-long dreams and goals....[tags: Biography] - A writer of seven books and musician with five albums to his credit, Dan Brown is a man of many talents.While his music has not been very successful, his books have.It is not know exactly when Christopher Columbus was born, but most scholars have concurred that he was born sometime between August and October of 1451 in Genoa.Before being translated into English, his name in Italian is “Cristoforo Colombo.” He was one of the many children of Domenico Colombo, a wool-weaver and a merchant, and Suzanna Fontanarossa, who was the daughter of a wool-weaver....- 7th Arsenal Band Biography Lethal Injections, Lethal Intoxication, and Army of Sinners were all possible band names before 7th Arsenal chose the first part of their name based off the number of band members.Regardless of where they were inspired to select a name for their band they will complete their goals one step at a time.


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