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Essays About Women In Advertising-18
The difference is great as the loyalty which is carried on men is never put on women.

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Women presented in advertising are perfect, but they are unreal.

Nevertheless, each piece of advertising carries a message that it is possible to achieve the desired results if a particular item is bough.

The physical pleasure of consuming alcohol is tied to that of the pleasurable fantasy of anonymous women lusting after the men, eager for sex without commitment.

While avoiding portraying women as sex objects in a daytime or prime time commercial helps business, it is seldom found in commercials aired during weekend sports periods.

In other words, when women’s advertising takes place, it says that is women do not boy the thing they are going to fail to be unique.

In case with the male advertising, the ads says that is women would not buy an item they will just lack something.According to Craig, a beer commercial is a perfect example of how a woman is portrayed to a man.Men’s women are physically attractive, slim and usually young, white, blond and dressed in revealing clothes, who seldom challenge the primary masculine fantasy as they are always portrayed outside home and are only infrequently portrayed as wives.Steve Craig uses the example of an automobile commercial to show how men are portrayed to other men in advertisements.29% of the commercials aired during weekend sports periods are for automobiles as men as seen as the primary decision makers for purchases from the automobile industry.The men’s men therefore, have the unchallenged freedom of a fantasized masculinity, i.e to travel, to be free from commitment and to seek adventure.Looking at the modern advertising no matter where it is put, it is possible to see the message devoted to women which is carried, women are never judged for their achievements, they will always be considered from the point of view of their beauty and if this beauty does not correspond to the norm a woman will never be desired.Watching modern advertisements, it is possible to notice that women are presented in ads as ideal objects for admiration.Thus, the commercial reinforces male fantasies of clear masculinity and male domination.The presence of the single women in the ad serves to stop the confusion of any signs of homosexuality because the woman appears as an anonymous object of desire.


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