Essays About Wasteful Americans

With so many advantages over smaller countries, we will often take our plentiful resources for granted.

Today, it is a stretch of 4.5 miles long, and home to casinos, hotels, restaurants, and more. If you guessed the state’s gold rush, you are right on the money. Before he took on the top job in the nation, Honest Abe was the winner of 299 out of his 300 fought matches, as the Wrestling Hall of Fame was only able to account for one loss out of all the matches he fought. While everyone knows the story of Revere’s famous ride—in which he was said to have warned colonial militia of the approaching enemy by yelling, “The British are coming! According to, the operation was meant to be quiet and stealthy, since British troops were hiding out in the Massachusetts countryside.

Before the mid-1800s, thousands of grizzly bears could be found across California—so much that the animal became the state’s official animal. Between then and 1922, every living grizzly in the state of California was captured or killed. The president, who was assassinated on April 14, 1865, has signed legislation to create the U. Secret Service hours before he headed to Ford’s Theatre. Also, colonial Americans still considered themselves to be British.

Would you apply for a job with those kind of stats?

was the day that Congress voted to free us from British rule.


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