Essays About Dreams From My Father

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Yet, this work necessarily has a global reach as it transcends the artifice of borders and nations; it also transgresses the temporal and the line between life and death.

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It would require a really good writer to find the right words to describe the real feelings towards a father.

It is as much a good luck to have a father who realizes his responsibilities towards his children as it is for a father to have a child who acknowledges it all.

Every child looks up to their father as someone they can count upon to love them unconditionally and to protect them from all the adversities of life. When it comes to writing essays on father, it may not seem too tough a job, since there can be so many things to talk about daddy.

But at times it can be difficult to put every feeling in words and express.

I could say that I have not solved these questions, but this would imply that such problems possess a solution.

Rather, these questions beat in the dark like pulsars, celestial questions we see surveilling us in the night sky.

I do not really remember the dreams, if they were dreams, but I believe that the initial dreams simply replayed past experiences that my father and I shared.

For example: my father and I eating lunch together, indoors but alongside a wall of windows in a sunny restaurant near the California coast. In the beginning, I had come to Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo.

How then to represent what I have come to call sublime trauma, the absolute terror of colonialism that is too gargantuan to be represented, words whose monument deforms our mouths as we speak them, events too much almost to even bear glimpsing?

And what right or relationship do I possess to these horrors that happened to other people in another time?


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