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SECOND: the knowledge of war as an ecological disaster.No one alive at the dawn of the twenty-first century, from the oldest among us to our most immature students, can conceive of war without environmental danger if not disaster.Most historians of environment happen to be westerners, too, and the best graduate programs in the field are in Wisconsin, Kansas, and California. Easterners (it would seem) must wrench environmental-historical criticism backwards, across the Mississippi.

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The historians seem uninterested, however, and few academic military specialists of my acquaintance have read environmental history.

On the other side, more than three decades of accumulated literature in environmental history barely touch the Civil War.

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You must submit your essays before registering for the final.Please include a mix of both primary and secondary sources, with at least one source from a scholarly peer-reviewed journal.If you use any lessons as sources, please also cite them in CMS (including the lesson title and instructor's name).You should receive your essay grade within one week.If you are not satisfied with the score you receive on your paper, you may revise or rewrite them and resubmit them for grading using the same submission form above.The centennial of the Civil War in the 1960s occasioned defiant displays of the Confederate battle flag, an accelerated and triumphant civil rights movement, and, predictably, opportunistic publication of another huge library of books on the war.My graduate school mentor, trying to encourage his students to undertake research on other subjects, joked that the Civil War era was overcrowded, there being no conceivable niche not already claimed, except, he declared, The Sex Life of Lincolns Doctors Dog. The African-American experience of the war was only then getting sympathetic attention, along with political issues both large and local.After turning in your essay, you may go ahead and take the proctored final exam.You do not need to wait for your written response to be graded.Below you will find prompts and instructions for submitting one of your essays.The Civil War left a lasting impact on the United States, shaping the next several decades for the country.


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