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Emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, desires, and beliefs all play dominating roles in shaping the character of people, and no one can have the exact same character because everyone possesses special qualities that make them unique.

Throughout Kate Chopin's novel The Awakening, Mademoiselle Reisz, the artist who symbolizes freedom, and Adele Ratignolle, the housewife who represents the ideal, devoted spouse, serve primarily as foils of each other while sharing some similar characteristics.

Observe the tone of a short story, “And the trees all died. All these kids looking at these little brown sticks, it was depressing.”The use of the adjectives “dead” and “depressing” sets a gloomy tone in the passage.

As trees signify life here, their unexpected “death” from an unknown cause gives the above passage an unhappy and pessimistic tone.“This was the last fish we were ever to see Paul catch.

Thus, the image these two women portray in society contradicts greatly.

According to Justus, "For Adele, complacent satisfaction-never being alone-comes from having no identity beyond her given roles; for Reisz, the ambiguous satisfactions of having her own identity is the result of always being alone" (73).

This intonation of our speech determines what message we desire to convey.

Read a few examples below: Example #1Father: “We are going on a vacation.” Son: “That’s great!!!

”– Holden’s tone is bitterly sarcastic as he criticizes the nature of things in real life.

His character may reveal the attitude of the writer towards life, as it is common for writers to use their characters as their mouthpieces. Something wrong with the soil possibly or maybe the stuff we got from the nursery wasn’t the best. So we’ve got thirty kids there, each kid had his or her own little tree to plant and we’ve got these thirty dead trees.


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