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Stanford already knows it has “world-class” professors.

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Just make sure to include the unexpected commitments that will not appear anywhere else on the application, like your babysitting job, your road trip with your family, or your backyard photography habit.

Anything you can do to add a layer of understanding to admissions picture of you will help. So this answer is really about creating an effective summary of the event in question, and concisely explaining the motivation behind your selection.

Think about the tidbits you have to offer up as you pull together your package and make sure you distribute them across the supplement. Think about your application as a whole, reading through all of the Stanford prompts before you dig in, and figure out what you can detail here that hasn’t or will not be addressed in other essays.

Also make sure the activity or experience you highlight is something you are clearly invested in.

For example, tell admissions about the summer you spent working at a hot dog stand and how it taught you about responsibility, organization, and portable fans.

That said, even if you write about a national club or organization that other students may feature, the trick to nailing this essay is personalization.You boil it down to its essence and rely on the topic to speak volumes. Feel free to take a straightforward approach to this question.Stanford really wants to know what you did last summer (and the summer before)!Although you might be tempted to talk about hanging out with your friends or catching up on sleep (Why does school start so early? Focus on a subject that stokes your curiosity, a specific concept that has infiltrated your browser history, or an experience that has burned itself into your brain.), you will be better off writing about how you wish you had more time to practice piano, write short stories, perfect your spanish speaking abilities, or invent an app for avid bird watchers. What homework assignments are you clamoring to complete first?Don’t choose to elaborate on a fundraiser to which you contribute five hours of your time, twice a year.This is a good place to feature a “work experience” if you have one, as that is something that often feels less standard than an internship or activity in which many other students participate.Would you do something productive and thoughtful (help your dad rake the leaves in the front yard while you catch up), or something more recreational (like watching all of “The Wire” from beginning to end because you’re obsessed with the intersection of journalism, social issues and entertainment).What do you really dream about doing with your time in an ideal world?This is another question in which your selection of topic tells a story.Maybe you want to witness the creation of Gutenberg’s printing press or the swearing in of the first African American president. Ask friends and family what words they would use to describe you.


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