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” I remember returning to Auster’s glowing preface.

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Before we were married, my husband asked me if I identified as “black.” I remember thinking this an odd question.

I thought it should be obvious that I identified as black even though I was, “technically,” half black and half white.

The desire to preserve honor and avoid shame played a key role among Japanese Americans during World War II. Their bravery and conviction helped end the war in Europe, and the 442nd became the most decorated military unit of its size and length of service in World War II. Meanwhile, on mainland Japan, a negative effect was being drawn from the shame/honor tradition: Japanese turned to suicide tactics, the use of bombers, to evade the humiliation of defeat.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 shamed many Japanese Americans. west coast were imprisoned in internment camps; two thirds of them were American citizens. One of the ironies was that Japanese Americans were among the first Allied troops to liberate a concentration camp in Germany, while some of them had family members kept in internment camps back in the U. Japanese pilots deliberately attempted to crash their aircrafts onto Allied ships because they believed that surrender was the ultimate dishonorable act. Over 60 years have passed since World War II, and Japan has gone through many post-war changes.

One of his intriguing skills as a writer is his ability to intertwine narration and analysis in Very near the beginning of this essay is the first obvious point where he does this.

In the third paragraph, Baldwin begins talking about his father and how they rarely spoke and didn’t get along with each other.Japan still remains a culture of shame, honor, and duty. James Baldwin was born in Harlem in a time where his African American decent was enough to put more challenges in front of him than the average (white) American boy faced.In western culture, guilt can be relieved through confession, self-righteousness, or the justice system, but in Japanese culture, shame cannot be removed until a person does what society expects, which may include drastic measures such as committing suicide.For example, if you are falsely accused of a crime, your guilt will be removed when you are proven innocent in court, but shame will stay as long as other people are suspicious of your actions or think negatively of you. As sons set off to war, so many mothers and fathers told them, “Live if you can; die if you must; but fight always with honor, and never, ever bring shame on your family or your country (Clinton, 2000, p.2).” The 442nd Infantry Regimental Combat Team, the largest all- unit in World War II, fought in Italy and Southern France.Shame occurs through others’ negative feelings towards you or through your feelings of having failed to live up to your obligations.In contrast, the culture of the United States and most of the West is based on guilt (Benedict, 1946), where truth, justice, and the preservation of individual rights are more important components of consciousness.It also resulted in intense racism and discrimination against Japanese Americans by some other Americans. At first, Japanese American military volunteers were rejected; young men of draft age were classified as “enemy aliens.” In spite of prejudice, young (second generation Japanese in the U. They wanted to remove the shame caused by Pearl Harbor, and they were determined to prove their loyalty to their country, thus bringing honor to their Japanese community in the U. If you saw many young Japanese today showing their individuality through outrageous fashion and non-conformist behavior or if you watched television programs that bring audiences pleasure by humiliating individuals, you might assume that the shame/honor tradition has been eroded.However, obligations to family, school, employer, and friends still tend to guide most Japanese behavior.His father was a part of the first generation of free black men.He was a bitter, overbearing, paranoid preacher who refused change and hated the white man.


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