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Essays allow you to engage with the material you have studied and draw your own conclusions.

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An argument is a statement which people can disagree about.

The goal of your essay is to persuade the reader to support your argument.

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of the event: the way it has been written, the sometimes conflicting objectives pursued by those writing on it over time, and the way in which such factors shape our understanding of the actual event at stake, and of the nature of history itself.

For an example of an essay on multiple perspectives on the same event (for our purposes, the Rape of Nanking, an event also examined in the context of Book Reviews), click here.

The purpose of an historiographic essay is threefold: 1.) to allow you to view an historical event or issue from multiple perspectives by engaging multiple sources; 2.) to display your mastery over those sources and over the event or issue itself; and 3.) to develop your critical reading skills as you seek to answer your sources disagree, and what their disagreement tells you about the event or issue and the very nature of history itself.Specific skills honed by such an exercise include your ability to discern bias or prejudice and to evaluate contradictory data and claims.As you will have to quote from your sources in order to make your point, you will also have to display basic quoting skills.Choosing our service you’ll buy custom history essay and never think of going elsewhere.All our writers are acknowledged experts always ready to work now.The very nature of an essay on multiple sources also requires a Works Cited page, of course, on which, see Bibliography.You will begin a historiographic essay with a thesis that presents the issue or event at stake, then introduces your sources and articulates, in brief, their authors' perspectives and their main points of (dis)agreement.Then give us all the precise information concerning the essay on the whole.Finally, specify the details and wait for your custom history essay to be written by our qualified expert.Let us assume that the subject of your historiographic essay is the Rape of Nanking, an event discussed in some detail in the Book Reviews section.There, we examine the event as it is described and analyzed by Iris Chang in her bestselling book .


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