Essay Questions About The Things They Carried

What is the connection between love and war, if there is one? How are "Tim O'Brien" the soldier and "Tim O'Brien" the writer different?

Why does O'Brien need characters like Mary Anne, Kathleen, and Martha in his novel?

How are these depictions of "O'Brien" in various stages of his life related to "Timmy"?

What does "O'Brien" mean when he writes that he realizes writing "is as Tim trying to save Timmy's life with a story"? Comment on three characters' loss of innocence in the novel, more specifically how these characters move from innocence of war to experience of the ravages of Vietnam. Do you think these characters completely lose their innocence, and if they do, how does O'Brien demonstrate this? Discuss three examples of O'Brien writing about writing or storytelling. According to O'Brien, does remembering the past preclude "endings" such as the ending of O'Brien's personal and emotional conflict over participation in the Vietnam War?

[tags: The Things They Carried Essays] - For many people, religion is a very touchy subject.

For most, it is a personal decision; people choose a faith that aligns with their beliefs, ideas, and faiths.

- The soldiers that fought in the Vietnam War had to endure many incredibly horrifying experiences.

It was these events that led to great human emotions.

Every thing they carried could in one-way or another cause them to emotionally or physically break down.

Pain, loss, a sense of safety and fear were probably the most challenging emotional, and psychological feelings for them to carry....


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