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For each strip, an end was tied and roughly 25 m L of different solutions (distilled water, 0.2 M sucrose, 0.4 M sucrose, 0.6 M sucrose, 0.8 M sucrose and 1.0 M sucrose) was poured into their individual bags.

Most of the remaining air was then removed from each bag by bringing the bag between two fingers and tied off at the opened end.

The outside of each bag was then bathed to wash away any sucrose that spilled when filling the bag.

The exterior of each bag was then blotted and the initial mass of each bag was weighed and recorded.

This lab was done to examine and comprehend how diffusion and osmosis works in diverse molarity of sucrose.

Also how the solutions permeates through different mediums.

The liquid in the bag and the beaker was then tested for the existence of glucose.

Six strips of 30 cm presoaked dialysis tubing were obtained.

IKI along with glucose is tiny enough to enter and exit the dialysis bag.

Both the individual and class data of percent change in mass is shown in graph 1.1.


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