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Therefore, when we have a crisis, there is always an older person in our life who has gone through the exact same thing.

Not only that, but they have lived with the consequences of the actions they took to deal with it.

Another step that can be taken to reduce an individual’s prejudicial perception is through more exposure and interaction with those they consider different from themselves or the norm. The samples that are published on our website are at your service. However, we should warn you that plagiarism is a violation of academic rules, so be careful.

According to a cognitive analysis carried out by researches about the effects of intergroup contact, as we interact with individuals of a group, we may focus more on the individual than the group to which they are associated within the social norms. Principles of Social Psychology – 1st International Edition. Also, you should know that you can ask our writers to complete a specific sample within your requirements.

This is an excellent way to learn your true writing ability before test day. We all face difficult problems in life, and everyone has their own approach to handling them.

When I am dealing with a serious dilemma, my preferred solution is to talk to an older and more experienced person about it.

I could not decide between asking my professor for an extension, which may have made me look lazy in her eyes, or submitting poorly done work, which could have made me look like a terrible student.

Fortunately, a sophomore in my department explained that most professors are happy to provide extra time when students ask for it in a polite manner.

The initial step which is an important part in reducing prejudice is the willingness of an individual to educate themselves about stereotypes and prejudicial behaviors existing in society.

By challenging their social norms through more awareness and education, an individual may change existing viewpoints positively.


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