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Again, the overall impetus is positive here: Caesar advances still more in his intelligence growth and the apes all escape.

The low emotional point is largely understated: you can see in Caesar’s eyes the line he has just crossed in killing the guard.

On the human side, we have Malcolm arguing for the cohabitation of ape and man; on the ape side, we have Koda, who believes humanity to be inherently evil.

Interestingly, neither of these characters are in fact the protagonist.

When Will’s Alzheimer’s-ridden father gets into an altercation with the nasty neighbor, Caesar attacks the neighbor in defense of the father—and bites off the man’s finger.

He is taken away from Will and sent to an ape “sanctuary,” where he must both adapt to the harsh lifestyle and the company of other monkeys. Do we cheer on the survival of humanity, or do we favor instead the liberation of oppressed apes?While many science fiction films are quick to establish an antagonist, this series strives to hold an objective perspective on the conflict throughout.Filmmakers often employ audience surrogates, or characters that the audience can identify with, as a device to sway their viewers into rooting for a certain side.This is especially the case in the science fiction genre, where certain fantastical or philosophical concepts may be harder to grasp.The police muster all their forces to try to stop them, even as Will rushes to try to help Caesar.Climactic Moment: The overall conflict ends and Ceasar reaches his goal in the one-two punch of Buck’s taking out the helicopter and then the apes all arriving at the Redwoods.Instead, they represent the different choices or paths the protagonist could choose to follow.Caesar, as head of the apes, will ultimately decide their fate.This Normal World continues for several years, as Caesar grows and becomes more and more intelligent.First Plot Point: Years later, Caesar is now grown.


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