Essay On World Peace And Violence

2 out of 3 people killed by armed violence die in countries "at peace".

10 people are injured for every person killed by armed violence.

I will then examine the state of nature in the context of Glaucon and Thomas Hobbes.

Finally, I will draw on the literature of Immanuel Kant, and Jean Baudrillard.

For the greater good within us, we would all like to live in a world without war, a world where competition is replaced by co-operation and individual freedom.

However, this will never be; it was from the beginning of creation, that the internal violence or conflict within humankind was manifested.Lower education opportunities in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, limited access to leisure for foreigners, harmful working conditions in certain fields of work, and so on, are acts of structural and cultural violence which have a direct influence on people's access to their rights.Yet these forms of violence are rarely recognised as violations of human rights.Due to the nature of humankind, the imbalance in wealth and power, and diversity in culture and religion global peace is not a genuine possibility.First, I will define human nature from a biblical prospective.Genesis 4:8, stated that, “Cain killed his brother Abel In the article titled, “The spirit of Terrorism”, by Jean Baudrillard, 2001, He captures the notion that “evil is everywhere and is an incomprehensible object of desire” (pp.1).He further went on to explain that war is horrific and demeaning to humanity but it has its contribution.It can take the form of physical, psychological or verbal aggression.It can take place in any situation where human beings interact, be it at school, at the workplace or any other social place.According to Amnesty International, about 60% of human rights violations documented by the organisation have involved the use of small arms and light weapons.Controlling Arms Trade Control Arms is a global civil society alliance campaigning for an international legally-binding treaty that will stop the transfer of arms and ammunition.


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