Essay On Use And Abuse Of Mobile Phones

People who use a certain brand or latest model tend to feel that proud or ‘up-to-date’.This will indirectly create the pressure to own the latest release and to download all of the popular applications.

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If someone pings you, do you immediately stop whatever you are doing and feel excited to check out the notification?

A cell phone addict will feel stress, tension, agitated, restlessness, and anxious whenever his phone is out of his sight or reach. Do you know that as high as 68% of adults feel anxious and uncomfortable whenever their phone is separated from them? Whenever your phone is not with you and you feel uneasy, it will be a clear sign that you may be addicted to your phone.

If your children, your spouse, your colleagues, friends, and boss complain that you are spending too much attention on your phone, you should keep an eye on your addiction.

Furthermore, a real addict will often give priority to his or her phone.

This term is used by WHO in 1964 and is categorized either as a substance abuse or a behavioral addiction. It is easy to get access to cell phones at a younger age these days.

Teenagers are getting exposed and developed addiction to their phones.

This is often explained as the euphoria experience.

You feel excited and joyful whenever you hear the notification from your phone.

This experience actually gives you a temporary ‘high’ feeling and enjoyment.

Whenever you are bored and have nothing to do, you look forward to your phone and hope that someone gives you a ring or sends you a text.


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