Essay On Two Kinds By Amy Tan

Essay On Two Kinds By Amy Tan-52
Other characters in the story are Lindo Jong (known as Auntie Lindo) and her daughter Waverly Jong who is about Jing Mei’s age.

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Her mother only wanted her to use the capability she knew she had.

Amy’s story tells me that she regrets not trying to do her best and how she had taken her mother for granted.

Jing Mei’s mother believed that you could be anything you wanted to be in America.

(p 405) America is where all Jing Mei’s mothers hope lay.

Her other was always testing her with many different things trying to discover Jing Mei’s talent.

Later Jing Mei started to feel like her mother was just trying to make her into someone she was not and started to just fail and not try to do anything right hoping her mother would give up.

Jing Mei realized that her mother only meant that she could be an obedient child by listening to her mother while at the same time follow her own heart and want her own prodigy in life.

The last paragraph in this story also indicates the theme of two halves being equal to one.

“Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind.

” (pg 412) Jing Mei did not understand the truth or meaning behind that declaration until after her mother’s death.


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