Essay On The Scarlet Letter Hypocrisy

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And Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines ethics as "the system or theory of moral values," and moral as "of or relating to principles of right and wrong." The purpose of Christian education is to restore in man the image of God, so the study of literature in a Christian context must seek to help students form characters with solid Christian principles.

A study of ethical and moral issues in any literary work should consider the biblical basis of thought and conduct.

The largeness of its theme, the imaginative genius of the author, the symmetrical design, the ordering of plot, the allegorical significance and richness of symbolism, all contribute to the effectiveness of the work.

The novel is rich in the use of symbols, some of which appear in the first chapter and abound throughout the entire work.

Then he goes to work to find him out, and he finds him out.

Then he does punish him with a vengeance and brings him to death, -- does it by the old man finds out and declares his intention to accompany them in their flight.But no one else in Boston knows that they are man and wife.Then they meet, and she refuses to tell him who has been her fellow sinner. She will bear her doom and acknowledge its justice, but to no one will she tell the name of him who is the father the baby [Pearl].Then she has sinned, and the partner of her sin, though not of her punishment, is [Arthur Dimmesdale] the young minister of the church to which she is attached.It is her doom to wear the Scarlet Letter, the A, always worked on her dress, --always there on her bosom, to be seen of all men.The minister dies after he confesses, and the woman is left to her solitude.(240-41) Before we consider the moral value of the work, it is worthwhile to look at the literary worth of this masterpiece of beauty and power.International Faith and Learning Seminar held at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, U. The Christian teacher of literature has a responsibility to mold the characters of the students in the class in preparation for life here on earth, and more importantly, for the world to come. June 20 July 2, 1999 One objective of the study of literature is to provide students with the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the experiences of others and to make intelligent decisions concerning the positive values and attitudes they can adopt and the negative ones they should avoid.Terry Dibble explains that with this Hawthorne "casts doubt on his own story and suggests that an incident may have happened in quite a different way if at all." (84-85) The reader is therefore left to decide what is literally true.An appreciation of the literary value of the work can deepen the reader's understanding of the message.


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