Essay On The Internet Today

Otherwise, can lead to the deepening of the pit of barbarism.

Its unflinching benefits have made it a tool for success. The ideology that has been strived for since centuries is easy 'communication' In late 1960's the US ARDA decided to conduct a research into sending message between computers.

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With the discovery of new vistas and hidden lands, there raised a need for communication between people living in far stretched areas.

Ranging from the use of animals to the amazing inventory of aero planes a wide variety of methods has been employed.

With the huge amount of information present on the internet, teenagers can use it to great extents for academic purposes.

It will keep them connected with the outside world which will help them in staying informed about everything that is happening around the world.

It may not even have been imagined by its pioneers what essentiality internet has gained these days in our households.

Broadening the scope of information, knowledge and technology, internet continues to serve us in many ways.


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