Essay On Susan B Anthony

1861 – Anthony conducts anti-slavery campaign from Buffalo to Albany-“No Union with Slaveholders.

No Compromise.” 1863 – Anthony and Stanton write the “Appeal to the Women of the Republic.” 1868 – Anthony begins publication of and forms Working Women’s Associations for women in the publishing and garment trades.

1838 – Daniel Anthony takes daughters Susan and Guelma out of school.

The 1837 depression causes him to declare bankruptcy and the family loses the Battenville house.

But there were also many women who were not concerned with their fundamental right to vote.

Because some women were indifferent in regards to suffrage, they set back those who were working towards the greater good of the nation. They knew that they were being discriminated against because of their gender, and they refused to take it. These women lived at the turn of the century, and fought vehemently for a cause they believed in.1900 – Anthony pledges the cash value of her life insurance to meet the University of Rochester’s financial demands for the admission of women.1902 – Anthony delivers the keynote address to the New York State Nurses Convention, advocating for the standardization of training and state registration of nurses. 1905 – Anthony meets with President Theodore Roosevelt in Washington, D.These pioneers of feminism paved the road for further reform, and changed the very fabric of our society.Although they were fighting for a worthy cause, many did not agree with these women’s radical views.1845 – The Anthony family moves to Rochester, NY, on the Erie Canal.Their farm on what is now Brooks Avenue becomes a meeting-place for anti-slavery activists, including Frederick Douglass. Anthony begins teaching at Canajoharie Academy for a yearly salary of 0. Anthony travels to Seneca Falls, NY, anti-slavery convention.She visits Amelia Bloomer, hears William Lloyd Garrison and George Thompson, and meets Elizabeth Cady Stanton.1852 – Anthony attends state convention of Sons of Temperance and is told to “listen and learn,” which goes against her Quaker upbringing. 1854 – Anthony circulates petitions for married women’s property rights and woman suffrage.


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