Essay On Stealing By Carol Ann Duffy

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She also tends to leave long pauses before responding to a question.This can be disconcerting and I find myself imagining her privately rolling her eyes in exasperation.She’s also the first openly bisexual laureate, but anyone inclined to dismiss her appointment as tokenism clearly hasn’t read her work.

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In that time, she reckons, she must have read to several hundred thousand schoolchildren.

Duffy has always had a great empathy for children, writing several collections of children’s verse. Duffy is now the most popular poet – after Shakespeare – among teenagers applying to read English at university.

Magritte once gave this interview to a journalist, kicked him up the a--- and then carried on as if nothing had happened.’ We are sitting in a house in north Wales, a house that once belonged to David Lloyd George, which is now the National Writers’ Centre for Wales.

The house overlooks Criccieth Bay, but there’s no sign of the sea today, just a thick curtain of grey.

‘I see being Poet Laureate as a kind of honour on behalf of all poets.

Essay On Stealing By Carol Ann Duffy

It’s certainly not because I’m the Best Poet, because there are better poets out there.’ Is she sure about that? ‘Pretty sure.’ Yet while she’s determined to bring poetry to as many people as possible, Duffy doesn’t share the prevailing mania for accessibility. ‘Probably the poetry I find most interesting is difficult. Betjeman, too, of course.’ You wouldn’t necessarily mark Duffy down as a Betjeman fan – it’s easier to imagine her incinerating his collected works than reciting them.But I also think there’s a place for accessibility. But when she was at school, she won a highly commended prize in a poetry competition that Betjeman judged.‘I’ve got this certificate somewhere with his signature on it – or rather I used to. I’d love to have it now.’ In physical terms, Duffy could hardly be more accessible.If you stand in a certain spot, your words come booming back at you after a fractional delay.Resonance, that quality to which all poets aspire, is unavoidable here.‘I’m certainly more aware of when to put a poem into the public domain and when not to, than I was before.’ On the morning we met, she had just finished phoning a new poem over to the local paper in Cockermouth – a poem she wrote after going there to give a reading and seeing the devastation that the floods had wreaked last year.‘I was just shocked to see how it had affected people,’ Duffy says – she has a slightly nasal, quite unflowery voice.At the same time, her more private poetry, such as her award-winning collection Rapture, is sensual, moving and strikingly original.Life, she says, hasn’t changed that much since she became laureate, although she’s plainly more visible than she was. Make your own flashcards that can be shared with others.Learn with extra-efficient algorithm, developed by our team, to save your time.


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