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Leisure helps re-energize and relax people, so they can perform activities well in their lives.People use their free time (leisure time) in a variety of different ways; engaging in outdoor activities, entertainment like watching movies or television, or just having time to themselves.. Life is worthless if we have work cares and anxieties only and no time to stand and stare i.e. Leisure brings in a change in our routine work and life. Many of them spend their leisure in enforced idleness.

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This highlights the fact that play is as important as work.

Leisure activates and refreshes us to start our work with all the more vigour and energy.

In their search for material prosperity, they lose their peace of mind.

Then there are people who spend their leisure in evil practices.

It offers opportunity to fill oneself with renewed energy to start again the task of life.

It is a famous saying that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

On the whole, we shall have to admit that leisure is of utmost importance in our life. It is the time for rest, recreation and cool thinking.

It makes your tired mind and body fresh and active.

But the Indian workers have not got enough money to enjoy their leisure like their brethren in the western countries the U. Surely you need money to spend your free time or leisure in reading an interesting book or going on a picnic or excursion, or paying for a seat in a cinema hall, or purchasing a ticket at a football match in a stadium, etc.

As a poor worker has no money to enjoy his leisure more often than not he is forced to sit at home and sleep on his holidays.


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