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and it is non until we discover Bellow’s attitude toward that province that we can accept Mr. the deepnesss of human wretchedness Begin to be seen. and what Bellow is stating is that under such conditions the ego that feels these afflictions from within and without must be destroyed. and because to Wilhelm the bird is clearly thought of in contrast to himself ; because of these things coupled with other similar suggestions in the whole transition. is gazing moonily out of the window as if he excessively were submerged.

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he has told Wilhelm that his married woman committed self-destruction.

he tells Wilhelm slightly subsequently in the novel: Nature merely knows one thing.

his ain complete forsaking to cryings at the terminal. The reasoning paragraph of the novel at first deceives but is eventually the important 1 to our apprehension of the work: The flowers and visible radiations fused rapturously in Wilhelm’s wet eyes ; the heavy sea-like music came up to his ears. Wilhelm is a born also-ran: After much idea and vacillation and argument he constantly took the class he had rejected countless times. On this concluding twenty-four hours in which his wretchedness overwhelms him.

Wilhelm’s apparently deliberate efforts to destroy his ain life. Nothing can be done for it because it defeats its ain good. we see that the pigeon is meant to propose Wilhelm’s psyche going from him. Other inside informations indicate that the whole scene is to be imagined as taking topographic point beneath the H2O.

He struck a blow upon the Sn and wood and nails of the wall of the booth.

and when she hangs up on him it is as if she had cut the air hosiery. and in one beautiful simile Bellow links Wilhelm’s self-destructiveness with these images of submerging: Like a ball in the breaker. He sees him as symbolic of ill humanity and offers to mend him. The physician is the 1 who encourages Wilhelm to swear his emotions. transitions which are themselves contrasting H2O images. whose deepest demand is to populate positively in his emotional life bends to him as a possible Jesus: Secretly he prayed the physician would give him some utile advice and transform his life. The exact nature of Tamkin’s double function becomes clear when one compares the undermentioned transitions. since there were deepnesss in Wilhelm non unsuspected by himself. Although such feelings ne’er last long and are normally fled from instead than welcomed. that makes possible the birth of Wilhelm’s psyche at the terminal of the novel. the clearest indicant that the action of Seize the Day is dry is found in Bellow’s attitude toward man’s emotional nature. is the attention he has taken to weave his imagination into so much of the novel. Our apprehension of how Bellow utilizations H2O imagination non merely underlines for us his thematic purpose. takes on the glow of the symbol ; and like other great symbolist accomplishments. The image of the drowning Wilhelm is the commanding one. Wilhelm does non emerge triumphantly out of his problems ; but the really sufferings they cause him hold brought his psyche into being: Wilhelm’s Pretender psyche has died. Marcus Klein has pointed out that At the minute of decease. He curses himself for holding fought with his male parent: But at the same clip. more specifically this demand to love and be loved. a technique that gives a peculiar sort of enjoyable strength that is non found in novels that employ other methods. to sit the crest of the moving ridge of life to triumph and success ; but here. and who seemingly sees that Wilhelm is killing himself and being killed because he can non let go of the deepest beginnings of his emotional being. Here most clearly redemption for Wilhelm is presented in footings of an ability to lift to the top of the Waterss. who makes for Wilhelm the differentiation between the existent and pretender psyche. I would wish to get away from the illnesss of others. In the first Tamkin preaches to Wilhelm one of the cardinal philosophies of romanticism brotherhood with nature through trust on her goodness: If you could hold assurance in nature you would non hold to fear. It looks like a churrigueresque castle from Prague or Munich enlarged a 100 times. Under the alterations of conditions it may look like marble or like sea H2O. The suggestions of the submerging Wilhelm amid a society that is already dead in its psyche are far more obvious as the novel progresses. Wilhelm is inveterate short of breath as he smokes excessively much. and drinks excessively many Coca Colas ; whenever he feels oppressed or even really moved emotionally. immense crestless waves and bubbles of metal gone green from exposure. Black telecasting aerial are dumbly planted on its unit of ammunition acmes. The Ansonia is significantly the neighborhood’s great landmark. aged one and suggests in its ain right the decease of bosom every bit good as the submerged universe of spiritless being. Then he saw an aged lady gazing through the glass door.


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