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The 3rd edition of the campaign was launched in April 2014.We came up with the 6-point agenda for Tiger conservation and got the support of more than one million Indians through a signature campaign.Season 4 hopes to put forward the picture of increasing conflict while also examining places where the right steps have helped secure the tiger's future and why continued support of local communities can make all the difference between rising or dropping tiger numbers.

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The average height is 3 feet standing and 5-7 feet from head to the back. It is the unofficial king of the jungle and its only enemy is human beings.

It is the hunter of the jungle, eating anything from a deer to a seal.

However, in reality, it should have been the other way round.

Because the bad news is here, the tiger (in the Indian subcontinent) is on the verge of extinction.

And extinction means that none of the future generations will ever be able to see these animals. It is tough to imagine that today this charismatic animal is poisoned, trapped, shot, and killed for monetary gains. Sounds like some sci-fi movie, but is definitely scary.

And the scariest part is that somebody else will probably be doing the counting.

Statistics suggest that with the end of the last century, earth lost 3 out of 8 tiger species.

The three being the Caspian, Balinese, and the Javan tiger. Substitute human beings in the statistics and imagine how it would feel if there were just 1411 of them left.

It's high time that people start taking steps to save this animal from extinction.

These days, there are hoardings everywhere saying 'Just 1411 Left' (in the Indian subcontinent).


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