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In 1977 Marley consulted with a doctor when a wound in his big toe would not heal. He refused to have his toe amputated as his doctors recommended, claiming it contradicted his Rastafarian beliefs.

Others, however, claim that the main reason behind his refusal was the possible negative impact on his dancing skills.

Bob Marley died in a Miami hospital on May 11, 1981. Marley was awarded the International Peace Medal by the African delegation to the United Nations in 1978. 1973) (with Janet Bowen), Julian Marley (with Lucy Pounder), Damian Marley (with Cindy Breakspeare), Ky-Mani Marley (with Anita Belnavis) and Makeda Jahnesta who was born to Yvette Anderson/Crichton 11 days after he died in 1981.

He was also an official guest at Zimbabwe's independence celebration two years later, an honor Marley was quoted as saying was the highest he'd ever received. Following the attempt on his life, he left Jamaica and lived in England between 19.

In 1976, during a period of spiraling political violence in Jamaica, an attempt was made on Marley's life.

Marley left for England, where he lived in self-exile for two years.

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“What is the religion called Rastafarianism, and how is such related to the Jamaican entertainer, Bob Marley (1945-1981)?

This was followed by "Burnin'", featuring tracks as "Get Up Stand Up" and "I Shot the Sheriff." Eric Clapton's cover of that song reached #1 in the US.

In 1974 Tosh and Livingston left the Wailers to start solo careers.


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